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I spent a few years collecting images on 4chan before moving over to tumblr. I've decided to share my images with the public.

Here are something you should know about this blog:

It contains nsfw (yaoi, yuri, het, gore). I'll try to tag as such.

I try to source as I can but right now I'm focused on uploading work. If you know the source please let me know for unsourced work.

I'll be posting mainly Hetalia but this is not a Hetalia-only blog.

You can send me requests for fandoms/characters/ships. Just drop something in my ask box.

Anonymous asked: are the 'natasha' photo sets natasha agulary?


Natasha is Natasha Allegri.  She’s was initially a character designer for Adventure time (designed all the genderswap characters).  Many of these art pieces were drawn during the first season before Adventure Time took off (mid-2010).

— 1 year ago
#asks  #4chanate  #natasha  #natasha allegri 
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